What change are you trying to make? Which purpose are you serving? The answers to these questions will differ from person to person. At present times, leadership is simply too important to leave it to the leaders alone. The world needs us to collaborate better, smarter and quicker. Our common challenges require each and every one of us to rise up and take responsibility. Although we can't all be leaders we CAN all show leadership and make a difference in our own way.

I am an independent strategic and creative wayfinder who specializes in team-leadership. By sourcing and utilizing the wisdom of the crowd. By asking questions to bring awareness and hold space for greater things to emerge. As an enabler I serve by paying attention to the interdependence between human beings, with respect to the unique gift each of us brings to the whole.

I focus on building agility and resilience with and through people. My greatest joy is to support powerwise leaders who are keen to develop and serve powerful teams. Leaders who see the limitations of ‘power over’, and are committed to create more ‘power to’ & ‘power within’.

'If we are to achieve a richer culture, rich in contrasting values, we must recognize the whole gamut of human potentialities, and so weave a less arbitrary social fabric, one in which each diverse gift will find a fitting place.'
― Margaret Mead


What I offer:

  • facilitation: online, on site or hybrid;

  • tech and relationship hosting for virtual meetings

What I cultivate:

  • couragious and spacious conversations on conflict, belonging, innovation, inclusion or playful mindset;

  • engagement & sensemaking;

  • enable & enrich relationships at workplace

My style through the eyes of others

Sara has the organisation skills and warmth to create a technical facilitation on zoom seem like a walk in the park! Her ability to welcome each individual participant, created an atmosphere that was nurturing and accepting both necessary elements in a learning space that explores the challenging and emotional subject of racism. As an administrator, she is methodical and able to set up the most efficient systems for ensuring a project runs smoothly! Thanks to her coaching training, Sara also has excellent listening and paraphrasing skills  which offers an additional element to the zoom chat function. She was able to summarize very quickly the key themes and requests in the training which were much appreciated!

Sara has a grace and quiet majesty. She is present, aware and alert from the beginning. Her openness and welcoming nature allowed us to trust her almost instantly. She created a safe space that made it easier for us to open up and get working to remove the obstacles in the way of our communication.
Sara has an intuitive sense of when to step back and when to guide the conversation. She is a conscious listener, a clear communicator and highly skilled at helping our group engage in genuine dialogue that resulted in group synergy. Sara possesses both a gentleness and a fierce courage that she uses like a peaceful warrior to surface and use our collective wisdom. Not only is Sara a gifted facilitator, she is rigorously disciplined in making sure that every person has a right to speak and participate.
The work she did with us was extraordinary. I highly recommend Sara

Sara provides a unique gift, a skillset I didn't know I was missing... and now I feel like I can't do without. She makes every gathering tangibly better by virtue of her presence. It's the ability to name the vibe in the room -- through metaphor, smell, art -- in a way that has the effect of creating a collective "aha!" among those gathered. She gives voice and definition to something we are all sensing at the edge of our consciousness, but can't fully "see" until she helps us. But it's more than that: it's her embodied presence. She brings a light-hearted energy, the promise of laughter, that has the effect of reminding others to focus less on problems and more on possibilities. She holds space for what wants to emerge, but not passively. It's a nurturing quality, sort of a doula for collective wisdom, allowing us to see our best selves and step into our potential together