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Guiding teams through discomfort into connection, understanding, and growth


If your team has a problem, they also have the solution.

My job is to give them the space, tools, and confidence to find it - together.

Bureau Tw!st designs and supervises group sessions that create space for difficult conversations, verbalising and owning discomfort, and growth and transformation.

But don’t think that Bureau Tw!st is just for conflict resolution – facilitated cooperative processes are like a lightning rod for innovation, knowledge-sharing, and collective wisdom.

When we work together, we undertake a cooperation process. A shifting, growing experience that is at its best when (and because) everyone involved brings their whole self to the room.

My work is influenced by Deep Democracy (Process Oriented Psychology & the Lewis Method), the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method, (making the abstract tangible and concrete), visual facilitation, and the experience I gain from every engagement I facilitate.

I can confidently say that no two sessions are the same – because every client and every team is unique. That’s why I use a unique blend of skills, tools, and ideas in every engagement. 

The one thing that remains constant, though, is my human-centred approach. To truly make the invisible seen and the unspoken heard, we need to work together - embodied, aware, and trusting each other.

Starting points and end results

If your team feels disconnected and in need of some spark.

If you want to hold important conversations but fear the stress and worry involved.

If you want to make progress and deep connection easier, smoother, and more magical.

You’re exactly where you need to be.

Bringing the skills and experience from a career as both an independent consultant and in-house trainer, facilitator, and advisor; Sara provides a helping hand through times of tension and friction.

By tapping into shared values, celebrating diversity, and guiding teams through bespoke workshops and meetings, Sara’s influence creates stronger teams and easier connections.

If you need…

  • Magical online, on-site, or hybrid meetings and workshops

  • A producer to match your content with the right technology

  • A Digital Chief Relationship Officer, for happier teams and stronger connections

If you seek to…

  • Hold courageous and expansive conversations

  • Cultivate engagement and sensemaking

  • Enable and enrich relationships

If you’re working on…

  • Conflict

  • Inclusion

  • Creativity

  • Belonging

  • Innovation

  • Playfulness

If you’d like to experience…

"Sara brings clarity and depth to whatever she focuses on. I feel the Power Intelligence method has benefited greatly from her insights into group dynamics and human interaction, and through the creative ways she's applied it in her work."

"Sara has an outstanding quality in creating that space for everyone to engage mindfully in every session and bring the best from every person. She carefully and thoroughly designs each activity, transition, rhythm and pace, making every virtual session a deep meaningful one,"

“I watched Sara facilitating a highly diverse group of about 100 people, helping them to clarify the agenda and leading them through bottlenecks and complications to bring the entire group to a resolution.”

Then you’d like to work with Bureau Tw!st – and I’d like to work with you!




Image by Giulia May

Kind words from people with whom I worked

Sara has the organisation skills and warmth to create a technical facilitation on zoom seem like a walk in the park! Her ability to welcome each individual participant, created an atmosphere that was nurturing and accepting both necessary elements in a learning space that explores the challenging and emotional subject of racism. As an administrator, she is methodical and able to set up the most efficient systems for ensuring a project runs smoothly! Thanks to her coaching training, Sara also has excellent listening and paraphrasing skills  which offers an additional element to the zoom chat function. She was able to summarize very quickly the key themes and requests in the training which were much appreciated!

Anita Bhardwaj

Embodied Trauma Therapist, Trainer, Coach & Consultant

In-Align & Race Reslilence

Sara has a grace and quiet majesty. She is present, aware and alert from the beginning. Her openness and welcoming nature allowed us to trust her almost instantly. She created a safe space that made it easier for us to open up and get working to remove the obstacles in the way of our communication. Sara has an intuitive sense of when to step back and when to guide the conversation. She is a conscious listener, a clear communicator and highly skilled at helping our group engage in genuine dialogue that resulted in group synergy. Sara possesses both a gentleness and a fierce courage that she uses like a peaceful warrior to surface and use our collective wisdom. Not only is Sara a gifted facilitator, she is rigorously disciplined in making sure that every person has a right to speak and participate. The work she did with us was extraordinary. I highly recommend Sara! 

I have had the pleasure of having Sara facilitate different teambuilding events for me and my teams in South Korea and Taiwan. In a difficult COVID time, where the teams were torn apart and there was no traveling between the countries, Sara managed to help strengthen the team spirit with her creative ideas, focusing on specific elements in her assignments. I am time after time surprised abut her dynamic approach and how she allows her clients work on their personal and professional development during her trainings. Sara’s knowledge of different cultures, the policies of the Netherlands, as well as the the rol of government, private sector and civil society makes her a great candidate for facilitating different trainings: from team building to open communication skills. Sara is a great listener, ask the right questions and is willing to exchange ideas to find a suitable solution.

Gelare (Arastafar) Nader
Agricultural counsellor @Embassy the Netherlands in South Korea; Agricultural Director @Netherlands Office in Taiwan

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