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Experiential recharge and growth space for facilitators where you explore heart-based, human-centered and tangible ways to create effective facilitation spaces.


You might expect a sales blurb here with the benefits of my services summed up, but I choose not to.


You see, I’d prefer to approach you with the kind and compassionate words of the unique and beautiful people I’ve had the pleasure of supporting.


Here’s what some of the cohort members of the Ikebana virtual learning retreat had to say after working with me....


Connection is a core human need but we’re terrible at it! This virtual learning retreat and peer coaching will show you how to shift your authentic energy towards inspired connection with others. Learn how to develop passion and love for developing human connections in a cozy, safe, and playful atmosphere.


The intimacy created in the coaching sessions is magic. Every meeting is full of insights and playful learning that allow for deeper perspectives. Plus you’ll enjoy time for introspection and restorative moments to connect with your energy. It’s a truly enriching experience for the mind, soul, and body.


If you need more Yin in your life this coaching is a game-changer! Here’s how - you’ll learn to embrace conflict and understand it as a way to deepen a relationship rather than being uncomfortable. 


So join me on your road to self-discovery as a facilitator. Discover new skills and acquire new ideas to integrate into your facilitation sessions for better outcomes. Skills and ideas many facilitators feel they could never figure out on their own.

If you’re a kind and compassionate facilitator looking for ways to grow, I’d love to take your hand and support you on your journey of growth.

[Work with me to recharge and enhance your impact]


Purple Flower

Here are some full testimonials that warmed my heart:

I gained new gifts and perspectives


Each step along the way, brought me new gifts, sometimes small, but often enormous. I have gained so much perspective in the last few weeks all thanks to Sara and her heart-centered gifts.

An enriching experience for mind, soul, and body

Throughout the weeks, the sessions were engaging, full of insight, and playful learning. I enjoyed the time for introspection as well as learning with and from each other. I highly recommend this journey!

Sara's presence was relaxed and caring

Sara created a safe place for everyone to share openly different experiences which we all learned from - so much so that I have made lifelong friends from all over (the world!) who I continue to remain in contact with, grow with and learn from.

We felt Sara’s wise hand holding us in each session

Sara added a strong foundation of compassion and care to ensure that the safe space we established was sustained. Sara offered her generosity, time, diligence, knowledge, compassion, and support to help support us in launching our online race embodied series. We aim to help connect people and Sara was a pivotal part in making this happen.

As in life, there is an ebb and flow. Sara could troubleshoot easily and help guide us to a smooth path to go forward. From amazing metaphors that were often related to tangible things, Sara could help to create solutions effortlessly. She is knowledgeable, reliable, and an excellent communicator. I highly recommend the package of Sara and her technical skills as well as Sara and her emotional intelligence and wisdom. Sara can benefit any organization and will truly be a valuable part of your work.

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