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Experiential and experimental sessions on-line, how is that even possible? How would a session like that, feel, taste and sound like? Below are some examples of the sessions I have designed and facilitated. I invite you to watch and join along the activities.



Purple Flower

Here are some testimonials that warmed my heart:

I recently attended Bureau Twist's Creative Mornings workshop, and it was the best Creative Mornings workshop that I experienced to date. The workshop flowed seamlessly between teaching, guided individual reflection, and group interaction. I highly recommend Sara's events to anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of self and improve interpersonal relationships. I also recommend Sara's training and seminars for facilitation to anyone hosting an event. Whether you're an experienced educator or entirely new to facilitation, you are sure to learn something powerful and extremely useful from Sara.
I'm looking forward to attending Sara/Bureau Twist's future workshops.

Sara is incredibly thoughtful in creating a safe and open space to allow for vulnerability to come through. I was particularly impressed with the the creativity of the content, which delivered a complex message simply. I am looking forward to another session soon!

I was lucky enough to experience some of Sara's sessions, just being impressed what a gifted facilitator and amazing person she is! Sara has not only the ability to create trustful spaces allowing to open up and being yourself, but also to interweave creativity and wisdom in ways, that you cannot help but to draw inspiration and new insights from.

Sara's activity designs are creative, inclusive and often bring deep insights. Her style is warmth and space-giving. I also like the way she senses the room and flex spontaneously. All these enrich my own facilitation. Each experience with Sara was like a detox of the mind.

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